Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SPRING/ SUMMER 2010 Fashion Trend Cut-Outs

Forr the new season, you should be looking for interesting cut-outs – the hot Fashion Trend SPRING/ SUMMER 2010. Cut-outs in your ensemble add a subtle sexiness to your look, emitting taste and class, and leaving something to the imagination. This trend can be seen on all items fashionable, from dresses to shirts to pants to leggings and even shoes. More for the edgy fashionista, the trend has been sported on runways across the globe and most recently for Spring/Summer 2010.
Fashion Trend 2010 Basso and Brooke
Designer Zac Posen incorporated the trend into a stunning yellow mini dress that was displayed on his runway at Mercedes-Benz NYC Fashion Week. At first glance, this mini is adorable, but once the cut-outs on each side are noticed it suddenly turns cute into sultry.
In London, Basso & Brooke added the cut-out trend to their patterned pieces, making each piece extremely noteworthy. These little cuts into the fabric, showing only a sliver of skin along the chest area, are perfect for those who don’t want to show bits of their bust area.
Michael Kors Fashion trend 2010 cutouts

Balmain and Michael Kors showed affection towards this trend as well, displaying it in many of the runway ensembles during Paris Fashion Week. The collections of Spring/Summer 2010 illustrate how the simple dresses can be enhanced with a memorable detail that would immediately attract the attention of the public.
Fashion trend spring 2010 Gautier
Jean Paul Gaultier is the real symbol of chameleon designers who succeed in stealing the show for the rest of the season with their unique perspective of modern fashion trends. The cutout style is best illustrated through the skin-flashing t-shirt as well as skirt and top ensemble that challenge the limits of tailoring. The cutout sections are spread all over the fabric and create a net-like impression that would perfectly highlight the underwear that should be undoubtedly of high quality. Those who take a bow in front of the fashion fantasies of Jean Paul Gaultier will be keen to enrich their wardrobe with a similar acquisition.
Fashion Trend spring summer 2010 gucci
Lastly, the ever-fashionable Gucci label brought the peek-a-boo trend to Milan Fashion Week making it the hot new trend for spring.
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