Wednesday, November 23, 2011


These different looks will cover every mans' needs.

We see this year mens' shorts are worn very  short.

A very classic modern look.
Black and white stripey top,
with sunglassses, scarf
and white belt.
Dark jeans are always in fashion.

A colourful combination of patterns and colour.
 Complete the style with a bag and shoes
that complement the fabulous look.

We love this classic style.

Modern  life.

Street look.

Great design.

Clavin Klein the most popular
 underwear for men since his campaign
from around the 80's.

 Swimwear like this will give you all the power on the beach or your local pool,
 making everyone look twice.
Don't forget this summer to find
something as sexy.
Revista Eden by Rafael Jimenez

This is one of the most effective and favourable styles for any man,
never outdated,  black trouser and white shirt.
Probably one of the favourites,
go for it!!!  

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