Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1930's Make-up

Is the anything more GLAMOROUS than begin someone you are not, and I think that will be the best way to start MY explanation about 30's make-up look... Lest base your makeover on a film star straight out of the thirties.
Will be start for the FOUNDATION, yo can look for a foundation that has a little sparkle added, or add some glitter to the foundation that you regularly use... carefully in not add to much, just a little to illuminated your beautiful complexion and them your skin should be look FLAWLESS, this look it will look perfect for a night out, so don't be scare to try next time you have a party and surprise your friends with your beautiful new look.
NOW you can continue with the eye-shadow, in this case I will choose a shadow very natural colour as apricot or beige and darker colour like brown, gray, or black for evening look. Be a start.
Lest go for the next step with the eye-liner a liquid liner draw a fine line following the natural lash line
Mascara we LOVE this product, first curl the lashes and apply a lengthening mascara to de top and bottom lashes, give it some time to dry and apply again, give it some emphasis. We haven't finish but I think you start looking very exciter and incredible fabulous. If you wish you know by now my beautiful you can apply a false eye-lashes.
Eye browns were extremely thin in the thirties, and there is only one way to copy these look and that is with an eyebrows was, of course I will not ask you to wax your eyebrows, we can still play around to find the way to get the look.
With Blush lest use pink to emphasis the cheekbone.
AND finely but not less important lipstick, we will draw the lip liner carefully and then fill in with and mate lipstick for day-wear and glossy for evening look and if you like to be more sophisticate  just try a strong red lipstick.

So by now my beautiful LADY you should look like a million dollars start and ready to start you own film.

I wish you look like...

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